Ye Olde Humdrum Lite

Fun:  We Are Young

I’m in love with this song and I really hope the rest of the album sounds this way.

Dude…this trailer = chills!  Just sayin’.

Oh EA…  This just feels like the leftovers of Ambitions and Late Night thrown into another expansion pack.  Seriously thinking of passing this one up.

This dog is absolutely the sweetest thing. ♥

Mariachi music + metal covers = Metalachi

I love Simon’s Cat.  :)

HP Challenge - Day 29

Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?

Why yes, yes I did.  If you haven’t seen it, I embedded Act 1 Part 1 above.

Thanks to my cousin, Taylor, posting a video of a bath loving Hedgehog, I ended up watching chinchilla videos.  When we get a bigger place (and possibly move to a cooler climate), I’d love to get another one.  I forgot how absolutely aaaadorable they are.

Meet Logert in the Arizona desert.  :P 

For the D&D fans out there.  :)